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  • What happens after I submit my request?
    After you complete your request, our team we will be in contact within 48 business hours to discuss details of scheduling your consultation.
  • Where do I get my blood test and what is the cost?
    Yen health & Wellness will provide an in-office lab or you may visit an off-site lab in your area. You may submit your insurance towards the cost of your bloodwork. If you do not have insurance and are receiving bloodwork in-office, you will be billed directly from Yen Health & Wellness.
  • What is the cost for service and labs?
    The details of cost will be communicated to you based on your Personalized plan. Our Service Coordinator will outline your cost after your consultation. See our pricing guide for information.
  • Can I use my health insurance?
    No, we do not bill directly to any health insurance providers; however, we can provide you with a detailed bill to submit to your insurance company directly for reimbursement of payment. Please understand this is not a guarantee of payment and you will not be given any diagnoses or visit codes associated to our visit, however you may use your insurance for bloodwork.
  • Can you be my primary care provider?
    No. We require that you have your own primary care physician. While our providers are trained as primary care providers, they do not provide acute care services. We will work with you closely as consultants, coaches, and preventive nutritional and functional medicine providers, to help you address the foundation of chronic health problems you may have.
  • Can you prescribe my medication refills?
    No. You will need to continue working with your primary physician and/or your specialist for medication refills.
  • What do I need to do before my first appointment?
    Please fill out the intake forms that pertain to your appointment type. These forms will be sent to you after you speak with our Service Coordinator, prior to your consultation with a provider.
  • Can I provide previous bloodwork and/or medical records?
    You may submit your most recent medical summary from your last medical provider, which may include summaries from specialists. You may submit recent lab results from the past six months and other medical test summaries from the past year, including genetic testing results and recent functional medicine test results. Women should submit PAP results and a mammogram within the past year.
  • What happens after the first consultation?
    After the first consultation, you will be given instructions and scheduled for an initial appointment with a provider who will conclude with a review of your personalized health plan.
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