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Yen Health & Wellness

Inspired by an intense desire to practice patient-centered care; Yen Health & Wellness was formed. We offer solutions and treatments that are integrative focusing on root causes to identify and eliminate symptoms, disorders and disease. 


Yen Skin & Hair

Yen Skin & Hair was designed to keep you looking and feeling healthy by using a functional medicine approach in combination with advanced solutions, technology, and state of the art labs.


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Appointments can be made by calling (314) 473-5661.

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You can reorder your products from Yen Health & Wellness at Fullscript. Fullscript accepts HSA and Flex Spending cards. Orders over $50 qualify for FREE standard shipping.


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Check back soon for online course offerings, educational materials, videos, and more! We appreciate your patience as we create relevant, informative content for your health needs! 

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