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At Yen Health & Wellness we address women's hormone optimization with an integrative approach that includes addressing the root cause of the condition. Bio-identical hormone therapy for women may be a part of your treatment and refers to hormones that are structurally and chemically identical to our endogenous (or natural) hormones.

Women's hormone optimization / hormone therapy can help with many symptoms of hormonal imbalance including decrease libido, sagging cheeks and facial wrinkles, dry thin skin, sleep disturbances, weight gain, anxiety, irritability, depression, facial hair, acne, and thinning hair but also can reduce and sometimes even help reverse many diseases associated with aging. Research data shows hormone optimization can improve and prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, cataracts, and improves immune function.

We work with you to identify and address the root cause of your hormonal imbalances. Your assessment may include laboratory testing, nutritional analysis, stress and sleep evaluation, and/or genetic testing.
We may prescribe hormones in the form of topical creams, injections or pellet therapy. We use both traditional FDA approved and compounded bioidentical hormones. We do not prescribe oral Estrogen or testosterone due to the increased risk of blood clots, including stroke, pulmonary embolism and heart attack. We also do not prescribe long term use of synthetic progestins for menopausal management (Provera, Prempro, Activella, etc) due to overwhelming data in the medical literature showing the risks with progestins.

For Your Health & Wellness

We provide tailored, individualized care guided by your specific needs and root cause of illness.

Women's Health Services

We will understand your health concerns, needs and goals during this 60 minute Personalized Initial Wellness visit. We will review your past medical history, your diet and lifestyle. We will discuss any labs taken within the last year, order additional labs, review medication history including supplements and over the counter therapies. We will begin to build your Personalized Wellness Plan.

Our lab testing may include hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, neurotransmitters testing, digestive and stool analysis, inflammation testing, and genetic testing. We provide therapies to reduce and eliminate symptoms of menopause, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance and infertility. Your Personalized Wellness Plan will also include solutions to preventing diseases and disorders such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disorders. 

Your Initial Personalized Wellness Follow-up is a 60 minute visit that builds on your Personalized Wellness Plan considering lab results, your goals and feelings. Therapies may include diet, nutrition and lifestyle modifications, nutraceuticals, and bio-identical hormone therapies. 

Bio-identical hormones have the exact molecular structure as those made in the human body and produce the same physiological responses.

Personalized Wellness Follow-up visits are planned 4 to 12 weeks post implementing your plan to assess your treatment and the progress of your health, order and review follow-up labs, and continue or adjust your plan. 

The O-Shot®, also known as the Orgasm Shot®, is a patented treatment for increased sexual pleasure, reduction of urinary incontinence and improved vaginal lubrication. The O-Shot® uses your body’s growth factors to rejuvenate your vaginal area.

Urinary Incontinence
It is extremely common for women to experience urinary incontinence. It is even more common when a woman loses internal vaginal wall collagen support as they age. Extreme symptoms may require surgery, medications or other treatments, however many more women have mild to moderate symptoms. These mild to moderate symptoms can be treated with the O-Shot® at Yen Health & Wellness.

Sexual Satisfaction
Research shows nearly 50% of women have difficulty achieving and orgasm. At Yen Health & Wellness the O-Shot® can safely and naturally make your genitalia more sensitive to the touch and improve your sexual satisfaction.

Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal dryness can be related to the hormonal shifts associated with menopause and peri-menopause, or other hormonal altering causes such as stress or childbirth. When these symptoms are caused by a decreased amount of estrogen in a woman’s body, this problem is called atrophic vaginitis. Not only does the vaginal tissue feel dry, but it can also loose its elasticity, thus resulting in painful intercourse. The O-Shot® increases your natural vaginal lubrication.

What the O-Shot® Treats

  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Improved symptoms of urinary incontinence
  • Decreased pain during sexual intercourse
  • Reduction in inflammation in the condition of lichen sclerosus
  • Greater clitoral stimulation
  • Rejuvenated vulva
  • Improve orgasm


Please Beware! The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) procedure is a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina. Done in the wrong way, results could be useless or worse. The O-Shot® is protected by US Patent & Trademark Law. Only providers that are members of the O-Shot® Provider Group, know the trade secrets of the O-Shot®, have agreed to use FDA approved equipment, and own license to use the O-Shot® name. Any others using the name O-Shot® (or any variation) are not members of the group, are violating trademark/patent law, may be doing an inferior (even dangerous) procedure, and are subject to prosecution.

Yen Health & Wellness offers the Vampire Breast Lift® to improve the shape of the breasts without invasive surgery. The Vampire Breast Lift® is designed for women concerned with the appearance of their breasts. The Vampire Breast Lift® is a non-surgical, no downtime, form of breast augmentation that uses your own natural blood cells to lift the breast and can correct nipple inversion. The Vampire Breast Lift® can add shape, volume and smooth texture to breasts affected by weight loss, natural smaller breast, or the aging process.

The Vampire Breast Lift® has been shown to provide:
• Volume to the breast
• Smooth texture of breast skin
• Decreased skin sag
• Reduced wrinkles and the appearance of stretch marks 
• Reduced vein appearance
• Increased sensation in the breast and nipple

Because Vampire Breast Lift® is non-invasive, it features:
• No downtime
• Virtually no pain (topical anesthetics are available)
• No scars
• No loss of breast sensitivity

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